Welcome to A Bunch of Whimsy!

We are excited to announce that our “Brick and Mortar” will be opening soon!

We are starting in the smaller location of 142 Bridge Street, Carleton Place, Ont (beside the Queen’s Crafters).

Meet us during the Bridge Street Summerfest for more details!

July 2024 Vendor Highlight

Vendor: Nikki’s Nook

Handmade resin decor, jewellery, accessories and more!

Want to be a Vendor?

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Right now we are offering space on our website to artisans, crafters, authors, resellers of gently used items and vintage.

Do you think your products are a good fit?

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Virtual Vendors

Vendors have their own area, to add as many products as they like.

Retail Store – Opening Soon!

Register and join our RSVP list for first pick of location in the physical store, coming soon!

Read some Benefits to Joining here.

Website packages

Early Package
*This offer ending soon!
Once Established in Brick and Mortar
“Opening Soon: 142 Bridge Street, Carleton Place, Ontario!”
Sign up from Apr 1, 2024
Pay $10/month and 10% commission on sales
*Ending July 31, 2024
Online only vendors pay $20/month and 10% commission on sales.
Fees for vendors who signed up early and then “join” the physical store, will have their “online” fees waived.
We only take 10% commission from any sale for processing payments and to help advertising costs.

Previous Vendor Highlights

June 2024 Vendor Highlight

Vendor: Purradise Resort & Spa

A cat and animal lover that loves to find and make cool little treasures.

May 2024 Vendor Highlight

Vendor: Rebel Daze

What are diffuser bracelets?

They are a trendy and fashionable way to enjoy aromatherapy on the go. Just sprinkle a few drops of your favourite essential oil onto the porous lava beads and inhale the scent all day long. Our diffuser bracelets range from feminine and delicate to solid and chunky — a style to suit either mood. Some bracelets include charms: other simply beads.

Garden Tool Basket/Tote

April 2024 Vendor Highlight

Vendor: AHat4You

Hand Knit and Crochet items for apparel and household use.
Hand Made wood products for use and gifts.
And a de-stash of Household Collectibles 😉

March 2024 Vendor Highlight

Vendor: Timeless Treasures

Unearth the Past, Embrace the Present – Antiques, Vintage, Books, CDs, Toys, Stickers, and More Await!

“Embark on a journey through time as you unearth the past and embrace the present in our captivating collection! Our treasure trove boasts an eclectic array of timeless wonders, including exquisite antiques, charming vintage pieces, captivating books, nostalgic CDs, delightful toys, enchanting stickers, and so much more. Step into a world where each item tells a unique story, weaving together the rich tapestry of history and culture.

February 2024 Vendor Highlight

Vendor: John W. Partington

I write mostly science-fiction and fantasy books as a multi-genre author. I do have a straight up comedy series without aliens or monsters, set in a small town.

Most of my books are about heroes, but not all. They tend to have graphic, but not gory, violence as the heroes tend to get in some pretty tense situations.

I spent 15 years in the Canadian Forces trying to avoid tense situations. It didn’t always work out that way.