How To Login and Add Products Online

As of July 8, 2024

How to Login:

You must be already registered to proceed.

  1. Go to A Bunch of Whimsy (
  2. Click Login to get into your account
  3. Enter your “registered” Username or email address
  4. Enter your Password
  5. Select Remember Me, if you think you are going to forget.
  6. Click Log In

How to Add Products:

  1. Click the gray “Vendor Dashboard” button (not the one listed on the left)
  2. Click: New (at the top of the page), then click Product from the drop down menu (help)
  3. Carry on with the MEANING OF EACH SECTION which explains each section on the page you just opened. Then is For One Product (Simple) or For Multiple Products With Multiple Variants and with an included explanation of both types.


This is the basic information of the section and to complete your product entry you must continue with the next section “ADDING PRODUCTS (UNDER PRODUCT DATA)” and choose between.

[STEP ONE] Product Name: This will be the title on your product. It becomes the products page title. We recommend this not being too long. (help). Please don’t use all caps, please use the sentence case format or synchronization won’t happen with various other programs connected.

[STEP TWO] Product Description: This goes below your product, on the product page and usually is in more detail. Include everything you might want the customer to know about your product. If you put this product on backorder because you have to make it, this would be a good place to mention how long the turnaround would be.

Also if you can not ship your item, here is a good place to tell the customers that this item is by local pick only, and that option will be seen in the cart.

If your item is customizable, please add a note to have the customers add the item to the cart. But in the cart “notes” have them add the customization details there. You may want to add in this section, your limits on customization. (help)

[STEP THREE] Product Short Description: This is what goes beside the image on the right and this is what shows up in the customer cart. This can be point form.(help)

[STEP FOUR] Product Image: The main image the customer sees when they come to your products page. This is also the image that is shown on the social media shop. (help) and (help)

[STEP FIVE] Product Gallery: Is where you upload multiple images of your item. Example different angles, closeups, defects (as is items) etc.(help) and (help)

[STEP SIX] Product Categories: Select the appropriate categories that suit your item(s). This list will slowly populate. If you don’t see a category to suit your product, just put “Other”. The administrators of the page will take note of your item and create a category for your product and select them for you. (help)

[STEP SEVEN] Product Tags: Use keywords to describe your products, separate all by commas. ex, slippers, wool, knit etc. This is good for customers who use the search bar to find your items, taking them to Google or our website.(help)

[STEP SEVEN] General: Don’t forget to Sync with Square by clicking the box beside Send product data to Square. This must be clicked on, so that we can see the items on our point of sale system.(help)

Warning: Once you do this, any product changes you need to make, especially quantities, you must inform us as we must change this on the Square system itself.


For One Product (Simple): This is just one simple product where you have no similar products with similar information. An example of this is here.

  1. Confirm it is set to Simple Product (default selection) from the drop down
  2. Click General (default selection):
    1. Enter Prices (Regular Price, Sale Prices etc.) (help)
  3. Click Inventory: (help)
    1. Enter a SKU which should include your code (Slug) at the beginning (ex. DCD_word or DCD__###)
    2. Click box for Stock Management (Track stock quantity for this product) and enter in quantity (even do for a single item, put in 1) or,
    3. If you start off with 0 items, but make them (click “Allow, but notify customer”) or,
    4. If you start off with ex. 10 items, and sell out but make them (click “Allow, but notify customer”).
    5. If you want to be notified of low stock, enter in the low stock number
  4. Under Shipping:
    1. If you want the customers to have the option of having the item shipped to them, you must provide these details.(help)
  5. Under Linked Products
    1. Upsells: You can link to your own products if you have more than one product available.
    2. Cross-Sells offer options to the customers of other products you sell, at the cart.(help)

There are a few more other tabs but for now this will get you the basics to set up a simple product. Now scroll back up and look for Save Draft (help) the click Publish (help)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

For Multiple Products With Multiple Variants: If you have a similar product that comes in for example a different colour, shape, smell etc. This is the best way to add them as it saves you a lot of time. It also shows the customers other versions of the product, in case they want to refine their shopping experience. An example of this is here:

  1. Choose Variable Product from the drop down beside Product Data (the bottom portion will update) (help)
  2. Click General (default): If you haven’t done so already, click Send Product Data to Square (help)
  3. Click Inventory: Skip the SKU portion here, as you will be entering individual SKUs for the variable products
  4. Click Linked Products (help)
    1. Upsells: You can link to your own products if you have more than one product available.
    2. Cross-Sells offer options to the customers of other products you sell, at the cart.
  5. Click Attributes (help)
    1. Click Add New (help)
      1. Under Name: In the box write a name (example: colour, size, material)
      2. Under Value: In the box write each out with | between each (ex. blue|green|red). This line is a vertical line on your keyboard that might have a space between it. More than likely you will have to hold down the Shift (on PC) key to use it.
      3. Click Save Attributes button
    2. Click Variations.
      1. Click OK to the pop up message. (help)
      2. Click Generate Variations (help) You will see all your variations (Value) showup
      3. A message pops up asking if each variation is the same price, if they click “Add Price”. If not enter each variation as a different price, you can adjust them in the next step
      4. Click Edit at the far right of your variation. This will open more options. (do this for each) (help)
      5. For each you can set the image, enter a modified sku to match your variation value (ex. DCD_wordRED or DCD_###RED) (help)
      6. This is also where you also can: (help)
        1. Manage stock (click on) therefore you can indicate how many you have on hand indicated beside Stock quantity
        2. Allow backorders? If your product can be back-ordered (where you make them as you go or acquire them from a wholesaler).
        3. Regular price ($): If the prices are different between each similar product.
        4. Shipping: If you indicated to us you would like to have your product shipped, you must put in the weight and size. Please keep in mind the weight and size of the box and packing as well.
        5. Description: If the details vary slightly from the main description, you may want to add this here.
      7. Scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes (help)

There are a few more other tabs but for now this will get you the basics to set up a variable product. Now scroll back up and look for Save Draft (help) the click Submit For Review (help) or Publish (help)


Save Draft: If you are not ready to publish your product because for example you forgot how many you had in stock, click this. REMEMBER: This is also good to click once and awhile, while you are running through all the other steps.(help)

Preview Changes: Shows what your product will look like online based on the details you provided. (help)

Submit For Review: If you are ready to have your product to be reviewed to go live, click Submit For Review. Admins will review it and publish it on your behalf. If there are issues the admins will contact you. (help) Publish: Once you have already Submitted For Review, you can then go back into your product and the button has now changed to Publish. Reminder though, any changes such as inventory quantity will not be possible to update unless you contact us directly. (help)


Stock: If you are a vendor also located in the store, you must have an adequate amount of stock located at the store itself or be able to bring in the item within 24 hours. This is so that we can ship it within 24-48 hours, if someone places an order online.

Backorder: Alternatively to having the stock in store, you can mark it as backorder. This will let your customers know that it will be time before it is sent out to ship. Unless an item needs to be made, then add that to the description. For example, This item is made on demand and takes up to 2 weeks to ship.

Examples of this:

  1. You are a vendor who buys from another company for resale
  2. You have to make the item, and deliver to A Bunch of Whimsy, to ship
  3. You have to make the item and ship for the customer
  4. You have the item, but have to deliver to A Bunch of Whimsy, to ship