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This Pheonix Stone Tower is a genuine gemstone contained in simple packaging. The package contains an information card explaining the crystal properties of Pheonix Stone. Each item is unique and may not be exactly as shown.

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Introducing our Phoenix Stone Gift Pack, a harmonious blend of natural beauty and insightful knowledge. Encased within this simple package is a genuine Phoenix Stone Tower. Alongside, you'll find an informative card detailing the unique characteristics and benefits of this extraordinary gemstone.

Each tower in our gift pack is hand-selected for its stunning quality making it a captivating centerpiece for any collection or adornment.

But the true magic of Phoenix Stone lies within its metaphysical properties. As a symbol of resilience and transformation, Phoenix Stone is believed to possess powerful healing energies/

Information Card Reads:

Healing Properties of Phoenix Stone:

Together, this blend fosters a harmonious mix of emotional, communicative, and empowering energies.

Supports emotional healing, self-expression, and personal transformation.

Aids in grounding and connecting with one's inner wisdom.

Stimulates creativity and aligns with the throat and heart chakras.

Nurtures a sense of empowerment, intuition, and overall well-being.

Phoenix stone is a mixture of Malachite, Turquoise and Chrysocolla.

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Weight .105 kg
Dimensions 14.5 × 11 × 3 cm

Phoenix Stone


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