Vendor Benefits

Vendor Benefits of Being with “A Bunch of Whimsy”

Our Commitment is to Care for and Sell Vendor Items, as best as we can!

Where does your money go?

  • Rent goes to pay for online website and hosting
  • Rent goes toward retail store lease
    • In-store sales
    • To hold virtual vendor Items
  • Running the store
  • Insurance
  • Supplies to up keep store like paper, labels and cleaners
  • Snowplowing
  • Any maintenance or repairs like lights.

10% Commission helps pay for:

  • Advertising on social media like Facebook and Instagram
  • Advertising on Google and Youtube
  • Advertising in papers like Community Voice
  • Pays for sales run by site
  • Fees for Square
  • Fees for bank to pay using e-transfer or cheque
  • Individual Vendor coupons or sales promoted

Benefits to Vendors:

  1. Vendors sell products, without needing to be there.
  2. Supply business cards
  3. Online Presence
    1. Extra ways to help sell beyond 10-5 store hours
    2. Reach beyond Carleton Place, the web is worldwide.
    3. Advertising Canada-wide
  4. Ability to put as many products online
    1. No limit of products
    2. No extra cost
    3. Vendor coupons
  5. Potential advertising on:
    1. Google/Youtube
    2. Facebook/Instagram
    3. Nextdoor – app like Kijiji
    4. Kijiji
    5. UsedOttawa/Carleton Place
    6. Amazon app on WooCommerce ?
    7. Community Voice paper
    8. Flyer, using Canada Post delivery
    9. Ottawa Citizen
      1. Ad
      2. Classified
  6. “Coming Soon” store on Bridge
    1. Open 10 am – 5 pm / 7 days a week
      1. Hours differ with workshops and town events
    2. Choice of location – where/when available
    3. Locations all visible from cash
  7. Low rates without the extra costs.
    1. Rate is approximately $10 mth per linear foot
    2. Larger spaces have deals
    3. Pay ahead deals at three, six and 12 months
  8. We take care of:
    1. Selling
    2. Taxes (unless you have your own GST number)
    3. Shipping (unless you indicated otherwise)
    4. Customer interactions
  9. Online only vendors are recommended to have items at the store, that they have online, for no extra charge. We will store in a locked storage room.
  10. Store is monitored by video recording cameras.
  11. Store is insured for major issues.
  12. Vendors are welcomed and encouraged to book their “Workshop” for approved workshops/events at a discounted rate
    1. Contact us for details and availability at “
    2. Workshops/events will be added to the calendars
      1. On website
      2. On socials
      3. Advertised
      4. Posters/Sandwich Board in store
    3. Workshops/events will be promoted within a few days of being confirmed
  13. “Meet the Vendors”
    1. Will be on calendar and advertised
    2. Couple hours or the day
    3. Opportunity to meet customers at your spot
    4. Set-up table outside 
  14. Vendors will have opportunity to participate in events
    1. Example Bridge Street Summerfest
    2. ABW pop-up Markets
    3. ABW sidewalk sales
  15. A Bunch of Whimsy is working for the vendors
    1. Asking questions on improving
    2. Making changes to what vendors need