Vendor FAQ

Online Pricing can be found at

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Coming Soon! - Physical Store the spaces will range in size and can start at $30 and up.

Our commission is 10%, on all items sold. So the vendor receives 90% of their sales.

We are currently working on a physical location in Carleton Place, Ontario.

We hope to open our doors by mid-summer of 2024.

You may sell anything that is not illegal.

So no drugs (legal or illegal), alcohol, workable weapons like knives or replicas.

Some pornography might be considered art.

We will make the final decision, to allow for sale on our website or in our store.

No, you do not need to provide your shelving.

You may want to bring your own stands and displays to prop things up on within your space.

Please speak to management for approval of any extra stands to ensure safety, like falling over or breaking easily.

This will vary depending on your products and how much room you may need.

Online you can add as many products as you like, including variations of similar products.

You can always contact us, chat on our page or at the Store (in-the-works) and we will be able to talk about your options and availability.

If you live within a hour drive, we suggest visiting the store at least once a month and bringing in more inventory.

You are welcome to visit more often, and stay to meet customers.

We will have multiple cameras setup with a recording system.

We will keep a watchful eye while customers peruse the shop.


Any unsold items are the vendors responsibility.

Some suggestions:

  1. Swap out item(s) that haven’t sold in awhile for something else.
  2. You could also try putting a discount or sale on items for a period of time.
  3. Bundle some items with a discount
  4. Turn into a gift basket


Yes, you can!

If you sell crafts under a craft company and antiques under another, you can keep those separate.

However, please be aware that for each shelf/space rented it costs extra.

If you have three or more companies, a discount can be offered.

At this time, we don’t buy from wholesalers.

That option is up to you, what types of products do you want to sell.

We want to fill our website and store with a big choice of products to keep customers coming back and seeing what is new.

When you become a vendor, there are instructions to add variable products such as these.

This way you can have the same text, description etc. and customers can just select the version they want off of one product page.

At this time, yes, we are.  We are working on a physical store and we hope to open our doors by mid-summer 2024.

If you joined us after we have established our Brick and Mortar store, the cost to you is $20/month.

If you live further than one hour's drive and can not deliver your items.  We will send you shipping labels to attach to your packages.

Yes you can!  If you sell crafts under your craft company name and antiques under another, you can keep those separate.  However, please be aware for each company section, it costs the monthly rate for each.  If you have three or more stores, we can offer you a discount.

We are building categories as we see the products uploaded to the site.  If you don’t see a category there that works for the items you sell.  Just mark as “Other” and we will note this, and add the appropriate category.  We will also select on your behalf.

Downloadable products that give access upon purchase for example an svg, photography.

Until we see more interest in this from our vendors, we have not applied this option to our site as it costs for the plugin.  We will keep it in mind.

Please keep in mind that for images, for example photography, we compress images or media, and we will need to know before you set this up to include the proper information to avoid this for your files.

Are intangible and are not shipped.  Example. Video workshops, Tarot card readings

Until we see more interest in this from our vendors, we have not applied this option to our site as it costs for the plugin.  We will keep it in mind.

We check to see if everything is there, especially the SKU.  If that is not there, it will not be published properly.  That Sku is up to you as your identifier. You have to put your ID in front of your sku code/name with an underline ex. DCD_.

Images are also important.

We might do some extra things to your post to help it out online before we publish it, but the sku is very important and often missed.

Of course you can.  We hope to host a workshop for our vendors and teach a few tips and tricks in the future.

If you signed up during our first two specials, you are offered 10 free product pictures done with a shadow-box (if small) and cleaned up (shadows, minor reflections etc).  If you have.  Sometimes those items can be combined depending on the ease of setup.  For example a quick swap out.

You must deliver those items to us in Carleton Place, to be photographed with the product Vendor Sheet.  That way we can upload them on your behalf, or exchange the image with a temporary one you might have put as a placeholder.

All sales are being processed through Square at this time.

The Vendor Program automatically separates price, tax and shipping. We will give you a breakdown of the sales at the end of each month, with any payments you may be owed.

We deal with HST, if you do not.

The subscription is what we are calling the space you pay for on the website and at the store.

You can monthly or for multiple months.

As long as you include your GST Number, we can separate those taxes and see this on your statements

Unless you have a GST number, we collect and claim the tax.

Right now we are looking at shipping within Canada. This is to track parcels easier and not deal with tariffs.

If you do not want your parcel shipped, make sure to let us know and include in item description.

This is up to you.  You must though however include the box shipping size and the total weight of the product and packaging material in your product section on “shipping”.

If the numbers are off, the shipping company will come back to us with a bill for the difference.

As we are collecting shipping from customers on your behalf, we hold this back for these issues.

But if the item information was put in wrong and the amount collected was not enough, then the vendor must pay the difference.

First, we will require you to deliver your items to us in Carleton Place.  If a customer just wants your items, please provide a few, various sized, flatten boxes.  If it is breakable, please also provide adequate packing material.

If various vendors items will be shipped, we will provide a non standard box and material.

When a customer purchases any items, the program will send you and A Bunch of Whimsy an email. Square will send us a confirmation on the transaction and we will let you know your item can ship now. We will supply shipping labels to those the have us collecting on their behalf.

We do not give out emails or telephone numbers, unless a customer requests to contact you, we would email you for permission to connect.

We hope to put out monthly Newsletters to let our vendors know the ins and outs of what is happening.