Virtual Vendor Terms of Agreement

Management Agrees To:

  1. Promote and pass along the website to as many sources as possible.
  2. Pay for ads to promote websites (online socials, online newspapers, flyers)
  3. Hand out business cards, to promote the website.
  4. Make arrangements between vendor and customer to get their items and Vendor Product Sheet.
    • ABW will provide a shipping label  for Vendor to send item(s) to customer; or
    • ABW ships on their behalf within 24-48 hours of receipt of item(s) from the vendor; or
    • Arrange a meetup location / time to deliver vendors item(s)
  5. Note: The last two options require “ABW” to be in possession of items
  6. Pay vendors by cheque, cash or e-transfer (please make sure to include email on the “Vendor Registration”) for items sold, less the 10% commission.
  7. ABW will make sure the monthly sales summary is available.  In the meantime a vendor is welcome to view this on the website under their Vendor Dashboard.
  8. If  ABW is commissioned to take photos of Vendor products they will be added to the online store within a week of payment.

Vendor Agrees To The Following:

  1. For your account to be approved, payment must be provided for the first month by either e-transfer, cash or paid online (link will be provided). 
  2. After payment, Vendor will help arrange to have items dropped off for a photoshoot, if required.
  3. Each consecutive month the vendor will be sent an invoice.  In the future, ABW will have the option of paying for multiple months in advance. 
  4. If the payment is in arrears and has not been submitted for over 3 days into the next month, your items will be hidden from the site.  If the vendor decides to rejoin ABW online later before the brick and mortar store, they will have reneged on any of the earlier package deals.
  5. Must only sell legal items.  Examples of items that can’t be sold are; weapons, drugs, pornography (might be censored if art based).
  6. If you need to attain item(s) at any point, you will need to make arrangements with  ABW..  These items will then be marked as “not in stock” on your vendor page.

In General:

  1. Management has the right to remove items, on the website, deemed unsuitable for ABW.. Such as weapons, drugs and pornography.
  2. Management will take 10% off commission the cost of items and incur all machine costs for each transaction.  This fee will cover advertising costs, website fees, and any unforeseen costs, such as travel etc.
  3. If you would like ABW to take professional pictures of your items the cost will be $30 for 10 items, this will include data that you provide to us on the Vendor Product Sheet.  This includes data you provide to us that is required (sample below)
  4. If you are a standalone Virtual Vendor and live locally to ABW, we would be happy to hold onto your items for you.